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Look no further than social darts to really liven up your next get-together. Whether it’s date night or you’re looking for a team building activity, this revolutionised version of the classic pub game is appealing to everyone!


What is social darts?

Similar to bowling lanes, players input their names and photos into our interactive computer next to their darts board. Once everyone has been added, the competition starts and you are provided with a range of games to choose.....  from classic darts like 301 or 501 or more fun games like football or Shanghai. Our high speed camera system tracks your darts in-flight, and tracks where it lands on the board. This keeps the games enjoyable and takes away the mental arithmetic part of the game, as our computer calculates your score for you!  Our cameras also capture any good wins and auto replays your reactions throughout the game. When the games are over you can also chose to have your scores, pictures and best bits emailed to you.


Food And Drink

As we are brought to you by The Cabinet, we can offer all the cocktails and drinks exactly as they are in the bar, with the added luxury of not having to get up and go to the bar as we will have members of the team taking orders throughout your game. As for food, we offer a menu containing freshly made pizzas, sharing platters and small plates. You can choose and pay for these as you book or when you arrive at the venue.



To play interactive social darts it is £7 per person/per hour. You can book in time slots of 1hr/ 1.5hr/ or 2hr sessions.

Guests must be 18+ to play Social Darts. We do require a minimum of 4 players per board.

Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays Social Darts is just £5 per person/per hour and we only require a minimum of 2 players on these days.



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